Cat Tags

Cat tags

Your cat may have the habit of scampering away. Unless it has a cat tag around its neck, you are bound to worry that it might get lost and whoever finds it will not know how to return it back to you. A cat tag is thus very important. Here you will be able to find several cat tags to choose from. Made from solid stainless steel, brass or durable silicone rubber, our cat tags are resistant and long-lasting.

There are several designs one can choose from as we understand that different pet owners have diverse preferences in terms of styles and colours. Obviously the size also matters as this affects how it will look on your cat and how comfortable it is.

Our cat tags can be personalised with the information you need to have listed on the tag. This can be done with engraving when the tag is made from wood, stainless steel or brass.

Benefit from affordable prices on high quality cat tags and keep your cat safe, thanks to!


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