Dog Tags

Dog tags

For many people their pet is their best friend. Yet these furry cute companions cannot talk, and as a result many pet owners worry about the dreadful possibility of having their dog run away or get lost. Hence the need for pet tags. On you will find a vast selection of dog tags to choose from. These vary in styles and sizes, so that you will be able to find one that suits your preferences, and your dog’s size.

Our dog tags are made from solid brass or stainless steel to ensure longevity. There are different designs to choose from, all of which can then be engraved with bold contrasting wording. High quality finishes are then given. Our dog tags are not only practical and useful, but very stylish. With colourful patterns and sleek designs, these dog tags will look like a piece of jewellery on your beloved pet’s collar. There are dog tags in the shape of bones, paw prints, and countless other shapes. There are also simpler varieties in the form of a label tube or a slide-on pet ID tag. So you will surely find a dog tag that will suit your needs on


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