Id Tags

ID tags and name tags

ID tags and name tags are often not appreciated enough for their practicality. Just imagine if there were no name tags on stationery items at school, clothes, keys, or any other item that should be labelled with the owner’s name. ID tags are very important, and yet you need to make sure that you choose good quality ones that will stick and retain their original clarity despite the wear and tear from using the item. offers a vast range of ID tags and name tags to choose from. From plastic key tags, to tag badges, and name tapes. These are all made from high quality materials to ensure they remain in use for plenty of time.

There are clothing name tags ideal for uniforms that can simply stick to the fabric, without even needing to sew it on, or iron it. They are long lasting and available in several different colors. You will also be able to customize them according to your wishes. For those who prefer woven sew-in name tapes and tags, we also have sets available whereby one will also be able to choose from different font styles and motifs upon placing the order.

We also offer more durable name tags that look even more professional. These are ideal for businesses and during corporate events. These name tags can be made from very thick plastic, or aluminium, and can come with a magnet, clip or pin attachment. Plastic ID protectors, lanyards, pass card holders and key rings are also available on our site.